Friday, 11 August 2017

Crafty things to do this weekend and next

The Round she goes 2nd hand clothing market is on this Sunday in Coburg.

Brunswick North West PS have their winter magic market-
And next weekend the sister's market returns to Brunswick.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Ribbit ribbit

I need a frog for work ( as you do working with toddlers & preschoolers!) and couldn't find my favourite frog toy at work, so I quickly made one tonight ( when I should have been doing the dishes!).
The pattern is an old one, found in a book or possibly from the good old "Australian Women's Weekly". 
My mum made one when I was in primary school,  in 2 shades of blue, filled with budgie seed courtesy of our 2 pet budgies.
When I started high school I was in " blue" team, known as" Bates house" - the school was originally a girls' school, so the 4 house teams were Bates, Bronte, Nightingale and Chisolm. The blue frog was then named "Bates frog" and was taken to some school sports events in junior high as a team mascot.
I sewed the frog up on the machine before cutting it out, stuffed with some stuffing instead of seeds- I need it to be light so it can bounce around on a parachute or piece of blue fabric. 
I will try it out at playgroup tomorrow, singing along to "Der Glumph" and "5 green speckled frogs"!!!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I call these my " Outlander" mitts

...they match my brown Outlander style cowl.  There are some great free patterns and ideas for Outlander inpspired knitting on the web! ( but I made up my own mitt/arm warmer pattern, it is just 2 rectangles after all!)

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Just play it loud, ok!

I know this satin fabric looks pretty loud, but that is ok because it will never be worn in public- it will be made into pj pants! My pj's tore when I got out of bed this morning, I made them a few years ago, & I cut them a bit too small, so I didn't think they would last too long
  Plus the fabric was only $3 per metre from Anne's fabrics in Brunswick. Bargain!

Monday, 31 July 2017

"Finished" sewing

I finally got around to doing some sewing for work yesterday. I found this great black & white fabric- listed on the Rathdowne Fabrics facebook page back in March- as  "grand prix themed fabric". 

But in the Early Intervention field we also know it as "finished" fabric.  The picture symbol for "finished" looks rather  like a grand prix flag, and means that an activity is finished, or an object ( toy/game/ ipad etc) is " finished" or "not available". 

We often recomend that kinders and chilcare centres use a " finished" cloth to cover a table/ toy set when it it not in use, or to help with the transition from one activity to the next. For example " the puzzles are finished now- time to wash hands for snack time", accompanied by the auslan/ key word sign for " finish", picture card/ schedule for " wash hands"/ " snack time" ( or morning tea etc) and covering the puzzle table with a finished cloth.

I sewed up 10 finished cloths, and also made a reversable bag for teachers and therapists to use for sessions with clients.
iPad shown for scale- we often carry a range of toys/ games and assorted equipment to visits! 
Once items are taken out and used, the bag can be turned inside out and -
Ta-dah! It becomes a " finished" bag to put things back into once they are " finished" !

Saturday, 29 July 2017

2017 Craft & Quilt fair

Surrounded by crafty goodness at the craft show!

2 Dr Who fat quarters I bought at the show. Thinking I might make a new bag.

Beads and new necklace from a couple of stalls I head for each year.

Bobbin holders and long fabric clips from Vic Sew ( planning on making another quilt so thought longer clips might be handy). Vlieseline tape (for sewing new tee tops)-a bargain at  $5 each!

Monday, 24 July 2017

Mollie Makes jacket take 2

I bought a 1.1m piece of scuba fabric from a  40% off remnants sale at RR a while ago. I had originally thought of making a dress or skirt, but figured I would probably get more wear out of a jacket.  

I used the zip front jacket pattern from a Mollie Makes sewing special, which I have made once before. I don't wear it much, but always get compliments when I do. I think one of the issues was I didn't have enough plain long sleeve tops to wear under it, but I have made a few more now so it will probably get more regular outings now!

Like the first, I opted to leave off the zip, and use a hidden press stud and large button on the front instead. 
The scuba is weird stuff to sew, the needle was skipping stitches until I adjusted the stitch size and tension, but I probably should have tried a new needle. I didn't realize how tough the scuba was until I was hand sewing the button on!
I added some extra facings which aren't in the pattern, but think it sits better than my first version, plus I left the darts out.  The fabric is pretty loud, and like the first, I will wear it more like a top, I don't like the way it sits when it is open...but that is ok, it makes it into a very funky top I think!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Sewing like greased lightning!- AND sewing bee FINALLY back on tv!

Nothing like being told at 5:15  that "remember these cuffs are too long mum" when the teen trumpet player is getting dtessed for 5:40 lift to play in the school production!  Aaarrrgghhh!

AND in very exciting news- purely by chance I googled " Great British Sewing Bee Channel 9" and discovered- would you believe it!- that Ch 9 actually started showing the sewing bee THIS AFTERNOON!!! Series 1 episode 1 was on today, the rest  is on every weekday next week at either 3pm or 2pm ( annoying random time changes, can't set the timer for daily!). Days & times in the screenshot here- can't wait to finally watch it!!!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Crafty coincidence?

I had a quick browse in Savers today, looking through the fabric, patterns,  and craft book section (yep, I did not look at the clothes at all!) Well I was wearing my new favourite (yet to be blogged) top I made from fabric found on my last trip to Savers, plus a scarf made from a silk scrap found at the nearby Don Bosco op shop!

I spotted this funky piece of Ikea fabric, I liked it but it didn't have a price on it,  so I left it and headed over to the books while I thought it over.

 I found quite a lot of interesting looking craft books, so I stacked them on a nearby table to sort through.  I weeded out a few, and kept 2 on pattern making/ fitting, and this book of assorted projects ( clothes, bags, gifts, quilts etc) which as some nice patterns.

I like these 2 simple strip quilts. Definitely planning on making more quilts now I have made my first!  

But imagine my suprise when I spotted this cushion pattern in the book- just look at the fabric used, the very same Ikea fabric I had just looked at!!! 
I figured it was a sign, so I went back & took the fabric off the shelf (turns out it was $5 which I think was more than the book cost!!!)   Might just have to make it into a cushion! 

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Retro styled bowls

How cute are these retro scandi styled glass bowls? Spotted in Hot Potatoes bargain store, Sydney Road Brunswick. Note the cheeky description " inspired by pyrex" on the label!

* Unfortunately I couldn't get to the Fabric Restash event yesterday, as I have come down with a rotten cold. So instead I spent yesterday on the couch. sneezing & reading ( "An echo in the bone" an outlander novel, which finished mid action so now I sooo need the next book!!).  

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fabric Restash 2017

Catching up on my blog reading  last night, I discovered that the lovely Anna of "blogless anna" and her fellow sewing bloggers, have organized another " Fabric Restash" event in Fairfield this Saturday.  Hop over to her blog for more info.

I had a sort out a while ago, and have a box & a bag of fabric to donate/ swap, as well as some yarn I just sorted through on the weekend.  Anyone interested in coming?
Photo via blogless anna-

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Latest sewing

I haven' t made any new tops for a while, and some of my previous makes are looking a bit worn from washing & wearing- so I made a couple more! Plus I found a gorgeous vintage look jacket at the op shop last week ( 1st pic)

Bright orange tees- made from an offcut from RRems- there was enough fabric for a peppermint jersey long sleeved tee and a scoop tee.

  The fushia/ grey stripe is from super cheap fabrics I think, as is the red/white marle- which is slippery and was a bugger to sew, but feels lovely to wear!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Bargain boots

My latest op shop find- cute grey ankle boots. Pretty sure they are brand new. I googled the brand, and apparently they retail for around $220!!! Bargain at $16 then ( 'cos I don't think I have ever paid anything like $220 for any item of clothing/ footwear, ever!).
They are great for work because I can quickly zip them on & off when visiting a " shoes off" house, and when crawling around on the floor with kids - much quicker than my boots with laces!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Look what I made!

I was quite inspired by this book I found at Savers recently, I like the story telling and other ideas - it even includes a couple of recipes. And I have bookmarked a few pages in some craft magazines, looking for ideas. 

I ran out of oomph- and time-to knit another blanket, but still wanted to make a special gift for a lovely work friend - in time for her baby shower at work today.
So I spent the weekend sewing this-

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Pascoe Vale Spinners and Weavers Exhibition 2017

Another wonderful display, so many coloure, very inspired by the variety of shawl patterns.  I want to "knit all the things"!!
Just some of the photos- more to come!