Monday, 16 October 2017

Sewing books Spotted at Savers

I was quite suprised to see these 2 "Marfy" design books- complete with pull out pattern sheets, at Savers last weekend-

And this book about Shibouri looked interesting-
I also found a book of sewing tips for  overlockers ( I bought that one!).

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Baking for "back to school"

Cheesy corn muffins, orange polenta biscuits, and blueberry muffins.
Lunchbox snacks sorted for the week!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Cutting strips

I sorted some of my fabrics recently and put a lot of pieces into a box marked " for a quilt"- mainly smallish prints & solid colour pieces. This week I have finally got around to sorting the colours and giving the rotary cutter and cutting mat a thorough work out!
As much as I love knitting blankets and giving them as gifts, they do take several months to knit! Whereas I figure if I already have a heap of strips  cut out, I can sew up a simple baby quilt or cushion cover in less than a week. That is the plan anyway!

Strips cut so far & sorted by colour- all bright rainbow colours! 

Working on the layout- bright colours in the middle, with green strips on the sides, inspired by the " staggering strips baby quilt" from the book " Sewing in a straight line".

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Quick craft fix

I found this sun visor when tidying the spare room the other day ( making room for 3 cousins to have a sleepover!)I think it came from a fundraiser event or conference sometime, can't remember! 

But since the weather is warming up, I thought it might come in handy on a sunny day, plus it is nice & compact to carry around. But it was advertising an insurance company! 

I quite like the purple colour, just needed to hide the logo.
A quick rummage through my fat quarters stash and sewing tools stash yielded my Dr Who 1/4, and some double sided iron on tape - finally tried the stuff I found at Daiso, worked a treat with the help of some baking paper and my non stick ironing sheet!

 I couldn't resist a scrap of dalek ribbon to cover the logo on the back!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

It's HAMA time!

I bought a Hama beads kit years ago when the boys were in primary school.  I found that having an activity to do on a playdate after kinder or school worked well, especially when it was a friend visiting for the first time.  Some kids are more easy to entertain than others!

Decorating cup cakes or cutting out biscuit shapes- the kids could then go & play, & come back to decorate the biccies- was always a hit. Or even something as simple as a good variety of bubble blowers worked well- outside in the backyard of course!

The hama beads proved a bit more tricky, so we used them more with just us! We had fun making Star Wars  decorations for the Christmas tree last year, and I made a heap of minecraft creeper badges for a handmade party bag for Tigerboy's 9th birthday ( gosh was it really that long ago?!)

Between spotlight, Ikea, op shops and an on line craft store, I have quite a collection of hama beads and frames 
Which came in handy recently when I decided to make some rainbow heart brooches- I got a bit carried away and made a dozen!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

2 great markets in Coburg tomorrow!

Merlynston craft market in Merlynston  ( Coburg north) and pre loved spring fashion fair at St Albans Church in Coburg West! 

Introducing " Edna"

The other weekend I got a phone call from my team leader at work. I did wonder why she was calling me on a Saturday- until she explained that she had spotted something on hard rubbish, and wondered if I might like it!
This is what she found-

I need to go to Bunnings & get a proper piece of dowel,  but luckily I have I sturdy metal base already from a previous hard rubbish find!
All the adjusting dials work, she just needs a bit of glue and a wash.

But a hat and an old tshirt will do for now!
I have named her Edna-because she comes from Moonee Ponds!!!