Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Royal Melbourne Show 2016 Pt 1

So many gorgeous tea cosies, how to choose just one to vote for? I
 loved this bright neon one... 

And this red poppy, and the strawberry cosy behind were very cute...

 But then I spotted this TARDIS tea cosy hiding in the back row. Trying to blend in, hoping no one would notice it, just as a good TARDIS should!

Monday, 19 September 2016

And a bag to carry the knitting in too...

The thing with knitting blankets is that they get a bit big to carry around after a while! Plus when knitting stripes there are several balls of wool on the go, which need to be carried around too. (Although that is assuming I am going anywhere other than the couch to knit!).
So a new bag was in order - based on the Grainline Studio "stow" bag, and made and reviewed on Thornberry recently.  I kind of deconstructed a plastic shopping bag for a pattern guide;  used the sewing method from my other bags/ fabric buckets; and used up some bits of home made & purchased bias binding trim.  In other words my usual " I think I can figure it out/ make it up as I go along" method.
The sides could have been sturdier- internal pockets on the short sides/ ends would have given the bag a bit more structure. But it stands up, it holds several balls of wool and a knitting project or two - it does the job it was made for!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Knitting project finished- knitted blanket

I finished my next blanket! Ok, I still have to finish off all the ends, but it is otherwise done! It measures approx 120X130 cm, and holds its shape ok, unlike the rainbow blanket which was a bit pear shaped! This time I stuck to just knit,yarn over , then knit, drop y/o on the next row.  Makes it much quicker too!
Very happy with the stripe pattern and colours ( although the latte - ish colour was not quite what I had originally planned, but looks ok now).  And yes, I have already started the next one!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

September far

Yesterday afternoon I took over the kitchen table to get some sewing done. I had previously cut out several tops, but had not had the chance to get the overlocker out for a while.
I sewed up 2 tops - another from my favourite new pattern (Butterick 3383) and a long sleeve tee.
I don't know what happened, but I seem to have cut out a couple of T's lately with the wrong pattern, the neck is just too big! Which is annoying as I love this colour. I am trying to remedy it with some creative tucks, but it is still a work in progress!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Spring blooms

Our plum tree is covered in blossom, and buzzing with bees when the sun is up. The pineapple sage is glowing red, and there are even a couple of freesias in flower! Amazing how the garden can suddenly come alive - thriving on neglect at the moment!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Sewing round up for August

Looking through recent photos on my phone, I realised I have a few unblogged creations.
I finally finished off a jacket I started months ago ( ok.probably last year) from the Mollie Makes.sewing special - classed as a " biker jacket" from.memory, fabric was from Anne's fabrics in Sydney Rd, I think it is a wool.blend because it is quite warm for a simple unlined jacket. I like the colour and shape, and I had several compliments when I wore it to work, but the problem is with the overlapping front - what do you do when it is undone? I rarely wear jackets done up - unless I am.outside in the cold! - So when the heater is on at work, or the sun comes out - I don't know which way to wear the asymetrical jacket when it is open!

Just to mix it up a bit - I also made some bags
A work colleague asked me to make a bag for her mum, so I made 4!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Bargain craft books

Ok I admit it, I am a bit fond of $2 shops. Daiso of course is in a class of its own.  But some other stores have great craft sections.   I spotted these 2 books - 1about  sewing and the other is about knitting, in a shop last week.
I was flipping through the sewing book and thought some of the patterns looked familiar - a quick look through the publication details confirmed that the patterns had indeed been previously published in " Sew Hip" magazine. 
The knitting book has a few interesting shawl patterns, and at $4 a book I thought it was worth buying. I do like the look of the stylish wrist warmers and Tunia scarf, and I particularly like the idea of using up " loose odds and ends" by making a "Thrifty shawl".